Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 5 of Trying

Day 5 of trying has been FUN, FUN, FUN. I decided I was going to dye clothing I had hanging in my closet for a while. I bought the clothes over time at Goodwill. They were all white. I love the cut and fabric of all but being a total stain maker, white is a BAD idea for me.

I was aware Kool-Aid dyeing so I first bought that. I came home jazzed and ready to jump in to my experiment. At that point, I decided to look on-line for directions. Not the best order of doing things. I discovered cotton and linen do not take Kool-Aid dye. OOOPPS. Back to the store.

I picked up Rit dye and read the directions. To be honest, I was intimidated. For some reason, I had anticipated throwing my clothes in the washer with the dye and running a load and all the work being done. NOPE.

Using Rit dye involves accurate timing of an extended wash cycle, multiple rinses,and a normal wash cycle. Next comes the drying cycle which thankfully does involve just throwing the dyed clothing in and pushing a button. OOHH one more step, the bottle of dye advises you to immediately wash your washing machine with hot water and bleach. Now that scared me. Will all my family's clothing get a purple tint if the bleach cycle fails?

I have to say I am thrilled with the results. This Day of trying was labor intensive for me with a 4 month old but I am happy with my 4 "new" pieces of clothing. I am really looking forward to wearing my new purple skirt. I think I will tomorrow, but now I am going to take a nap.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I really like your idea here: 30 days of trying!
    Your little son has the sweetest chubbiest legs!
    I remember well how difficult teething is. My 6 year old had an extremely difficult time with teething, it was like he was sick for months and months. There were even times I was certain he was sick and brought him to the doctor. . .and no, it was his teeth. Hang in there! It will get better! Now he's got his first loose tooth: he's going to start losing those precious baby teeth he worked so hard to grow!