Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 3

It is Day 3 of my experiment and I was able to do something in word and deed today. It was certainly stepping out of my comfort zone which it exactly what I wanted this to force me to do.

I worked very hard on my communication skills. URGGH!! Not my favorite thing. I have always felt kind of awkward expressing my feelings. This has been a pattern for me for years. It has caused me to alienate myself from many awesome opportunities as well as friendships. It is time that changed for me.

I have been slowly stepping out of my comfort zone for the last couple months by speaking to as many people as I can. I will slowly check out at the grocery store and speak with the cashier, I have gone to the same stores and try to go through the line that the cashier is familiar to me, when walking anywhere in public I hold my head up and look into people's faces, I have been speaking to anyone that calls for a moment before we address the issue for the phone call. Little changes but have been a stretch for me. Guess what, I now enjoy doing those things.Change is good.

Day 3 allowed me to Stretch myself more. I was feeling a little frazzled with caring for my precious 4 month old teething son. In normal situations, I would kept it to myself and not shared with anyone. I would have sucked it up and carried on. Today I decided not to do that. I shared with my incredible sensitive in tune with me man. I told him that I was feeling like I was not getting to the "tasks" that I think I should accomplish every day and always felt like I had too many plates spinning in the air at one time. Dayne listened and then we brainstormed on things that we could do as a family to relieve some of those feelings for me. Wow, what a great conversation where I felt heard and after our talk I knew I was supported. All it took was me TRYING a new thing and expressing myself.

I am liking this Trying for 30 days thing.

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