Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 2

Today is Day 2 of my 30 days of trying.

I could say that I truly am in my 2nd day of trying. Trying to keep the house running, trying to soothe someone who does not speak words, trying to help someone NOT take 30 minute cat naps, trying to help someone not to gnaw on everything in sight. You see I have a 4 month old son who is teething. Boy do I mean teething. Now that is trying.

But that is not what I meant when I said I was going to have 30 days of trying. I meant I was going to try something new every day for 30 days and document it here. Today in the middle of all the teething, I was able to accomplish something new for me.

Today I turned up the music loud and danced with my sweet soulful son. We started off with a sweet slow song to get us calmed down then switched it to some groovy Beck. It was fun after I got rid of the fear that someone would see me. Mind you, we live in the woods on 26 acres.

Dancing freely and making my son giggle was amazing. It was just what my soul needed after seeing Jake just not be able to get comfortable. I also realize that some moments of dance should become part of our daily rhythm because man was I winded after our jam session.

I felt subconscious at first like I was the only one on the dance floor during a middle school dance but with each wet, drooly smile and from the gut giggle Baby Jake let out I began to loosen up and get into it.

It was a good good day.

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  1. I remember those days! Trying indeed! I have always danced with my boys, and love that my 11 yr old still joins in with a family dance. I had hoped to join you wih your tryings, but it was, at present, a litle trying!